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Desert Thunder M.C. is a Family Oriented Motorcycle Club.
The kinds of things that we support and believe in participating in, include having
Our Family Members involved with all aspects of the planning, being a part of and
follow through to completion everything that we do.
Some of the types of things that we do are: support our Local and Statewide Charities,
whether that mean actual participation or by being included by donations.
We have supported helping out Childrenís and Family Shelters, donations to local Food
Banks. Helping out our immediate Fallen Motorcycling Brothers either at their
Memorials or at their get well Runís. We support all other Motorcycle Clubs,
Associations and Organizations.
We support Our State (MROís), Motorcycle Rights Organizations, MMA and ABATE,
and the ACMC, and also our Federal Organizations, MRF and AMA.
We believe in being politically motivated by staying involved however possible to
Protect Our Motorcycle and Personal Rights, through participation, donation, or
helping to create Legislation.
We also believe in the Brotherhood and Camaraderie of the Motorcycling Communities,
Riding together, having Fun together, and looking out for each other as Brothers,
Family and Friends.

Love, Honor, Respect,